Based on the outline of your home and the amount of termite infestation, Stealth will create a personalized treatment plan custom-made for your home or business.

Termidor Liquid Termite Treatments

This termite compound is safe for outdoor and indoor treatment and can be treated within building foundations to offer a protective barrier around your business or home. Inclusion to instant protection, this liquid protects against potential invasions.

Dry Foam Termite Treatment

Used to treat voids in exterior and interior walls, throughout water pipes, under slabs, and for evident other surfaces, Dry Foam expands to spread to critical regions, which delivers further protection against termite infestations. The low moisture substance of Dry Foam avoids it from soaking through drywall and generating destructive wet stains.


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Termite Pretreat Services

30 Years of proven experience in Termite Pre-Treatment.

Termite Pretreatment Involves:

  • Soil Treatment prior to construction

  • Treatment of all walkways, driveways, plumbing and any other bases

1-5 Year Warranty:

Pretreatment is proven to prevent termite infestations. It is much less costly than removal and repair. We guarantee that any infestations occurring 1-5 years after the initial treatment will be treated.

*certain restrictions apply

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